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Preventive Medicine Through the Application of Clinical Nutrition
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Who we are

We are committed to the growth, development and research of the science of chiropractic and nutrition and our organization and its members work in tandem with a myriad of healthcare specialties as a healing art for improving patient outcomes. With members across the nation, we are able to share expertise and awareness in a number of communities.

Through our education and outreach we engage other healthcare professionals who help to contribute to our robust programmatic offerings and rich publications. This approach to preventive medicine advances the integration of clinical nutrition within allied integrated healthcare specialties.

Our impact

What your donations support

Your donation supports a number of parts of our organization! We are always trying to bring more value to our members, which they in turn can bring to their communities and patients. Donations support the continuation and growth of our:

  • Continuing education symposium - Annual symposium for doctors, practice managers, and students to join together for a weekend of education and meeting with vendors. Experts in the field attend to speak on their specialties to our group to meet many annual education requirements from states and diplomate boards.

  • Peer Reviewed Research Publications - Quarterly and bi-monthly publications that include research articles on nutrition and the chiropractic field. We also publish a peer-reviewed journal from student-written articles, which gives them a jump start in the academic publishing world.

  • Students - We aim to further the education and platform that students have when they enter the field! We offer free attendance to our symposium, and include sponsorships to help with transportation and staying for the valuable experience of joining in person! We also host a mentorship program, accessible virtually or in person nationwide, for students to gain more experience and exposure to different areas of thinking and practice.  

  • General Business - We have a great team of consultants who work on our day-to-day business, planning our virtual and in-person events, creating our marketing, and working with our members!

As a 501c3 since 1979, all donations to the organization are tax-deductible and go toward supporting the future of nutrition!

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